Nephro 3 Plus Peptide Komplex – 60 Kapseln mit Pielotax, Chitomur & Vladonix



Nephro 3 Plus peptide complex with Pielotax, Chitomur and Vladonix

Participation in the course helps maintain proper urinary function, supports kidney metabolism and immunity. This has a positive effect on the general condition of the body and metabolic processes. With a negative state of the isolation system, peptides smooth out these changes and speed up the recovery processes.

The bioregulators contained in the complex, which act on the bladder, kidneys and thymus gland, contribute to the production of their own proteins and hormones. Taking the course allows to reduce the risk of developing pathology of the excretory system, improves kidney filtration, bladder regeneration, and has a positive effect on immunity.

Each capsule consists of:

kidney peptides
10 mg

Bladder Peptides
10 mg

Thymus Peptides
10 mg


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20 Caps, 60 Caps